Strawberry Essential and Fragrance Oil Benefits

Strawberry Essential and Fragrance Oil Benefits

Although people are always looking for strawberry essential oil benefits tied into the benefits of the fruit itself, there isn’t an essential oil. There are strawberry fragrance oils, and strawberry seed oils, these are what most people are actually looking for.

The reason is that essential oil properties cannot be extracted from dead or living plants or fruits. Essential oils that are extracted from plants and herbs offer real health benefits and have some uses that can help with certain conditions.

Fragrance oils have no health benefits. You need to be very clear about this. They are still enjoyable to use in diffusers and other applications however. Strawberry has a wonderfully fresh scent that reminds me of a warm summer breeze. It’s one of my personal favorites, so I thought I’d look at all the different strawberry oils that are available.


Strawberry Fragrance Oil

Strawberry Fragrance Oil

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Fragrance oils are chemical compounds, they are not organic or natural products. Even though some companies use these words on their packaging. Always read the labels in detail and use the products are directed. Never use the fragrance oils for reasons outside of what is directed.

I always recommend diluting them if they are going to come in to contact with your skin. They are powerful when undiluted and can cause skin irritations.

Strawberry Fragrance Oil Benefits and Uses

Making Perfume

Fragrance oils are used for their scent. Making your own perfumes and scents is fun and easy to do. You can combine different fragrances and get creative with the recipes if you feel like it.

Making Scented Soap

Soap making is more popular than ever. The real benefit to doing so is being able to add your own scent. Strawberry is a lovely, fresh, summery smell. It works really well with soap.

Making Scented Candles

The mood and setting a scented candle can make is just wonderful. I have had strawberry scented candles and it’s a wonderfully pleasant smell.

Freshening up Drawers and Cupboards

Try adding a couple of drops to a piece of cloth or some cotton wool and placing it in a cupboard or drawer. This will keep the space smelling fresh for months.

Having a Scented Bath

Essential oils and fragrance oils are great in warm baths. You can set the mood for an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable bath.

Strawberry Seed Oil Benefits

Strawberry Seed Oil Benefits

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Strawberry seed oil is another oil that is produced from strawberry produce. As the fruit is used for jams and other products the seeds are collected and squeezed for their oil.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of seeds to make a bottle of oil. But the result is an oil with a few amazing benefits that may come as a surprise.

Skin Moisturizer

Strawberry seed oil is used primarily as a skin moisturiser. It has alpha-linolenic properties that work to keep you looking and feel young and refreshed.

Hair Product

Massaging strawberry seed oil into your hair will give you a smooth shine and a fresh smelling hair.

Massage Oil

You can use it as a massage oil. The texture is light and easy to rub into skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It makes for great massage oil and the smell is delicious.

Treat Irritated Skin

Always check with your doctor as a precautionary measure. But most people find seed oil to be effective at soothing the itching and effects of irritated skin.

Reduces Wrinkles and the Effects of Aging

As previous mentioned there are a lot of skin and moisturising benefits to strawberry seed oil. The ellagic acid found in the oil is an active ingredient in helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

Strawberry Aromatherapy Benefits and Blends

Aromatherapy involves using the fragrance oil to provide an aroma with therapeutic effects – as the word suggests. Essential oils are more effective for obvious reasons, but strawberry fragrance oils still set a mood.

Strawberry blends well with other fruit blends, such as orange and coconut. You can create a blend that invokes the same emotions and feels as a nice sunny day picking strawberries in a field.

As with all oil blends you need to experiment a little and see what works best for you. Try a few different methods of diffusing the oil too. Fragrance oils are fun to blend and provide wonderful, enjoyable fragrances.

If you know of any blends or other uses that I have missed I would love to hear about them. Feel free to drop me a note on the contact form.

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