Seeing an Eye During Meditation

Seeing an Eye During Meditation – My Experiences

Been seeing an eye during meditation? Want to know about what this means and how you can use meditation techniques to activate your third eye?

It took a few years of meditating before I started to see an eye while I was meditating. But it completely changed how I approached meditation and stimulated some very profound feelings for me.

If you’ve been feeling the same, hopefully, this article will help you find a better understanding of why you’re having these visions and what they might mean.


Why Do You See an Eye During Meditation?

Meditation and the images and feelings that come with it is a personal experience for the most part.

Seeing an eye, however, is something that a lot of people have experienced. I spoke with a very experienced yoga teacher about my experience and he was able to confirm some things that I was experiencing.

It’s almost certainly a sign that you’re activating your third eye and unlocking a deeper, spiritual, psychic, insight into your subconscious mind.

It’s one of the most exciting, yet a little terrifying thing you can do while meditating.

What Does Unlocking the Third Eye During Meditation Mean?

The third eye is an energy center located in the center of the forehead. It’s the sixth chakra, also called the guru chakra and is represented by an indigo color.

For a lot of people, it looks a lot like a vortex if that makes sense.

In biological terms, it’s called the pineal gland. This gland is responsible for the production of DMT, a psychedelic drug capable of producing intense visual and auditory hallucinogenic experiences.

This brings some science to the why’s and how’s people are able to see and experience some powerful things when unlocking their third eye during meditation.

What you will feel and see is a personal journey that’s different for everyone, and often difficult to explain or understand.

Most people experience a level of clarity and understanding they’ve never felt before. They feel more connected to their inner self spiritually, experience a higher state of consciousness, and more.

Third Eye Meditation Techniques

Third Eye Meditation Techniques

If you want to explore opening your third eye – or maybe you’re trying to achieve it for the first time – here is how I meditate to do so:

As always, I find somewhere comfortable and quiet where I know I will not be distracted for 15-20 minutes.

I’ve been told that sitting on a chair on in the lotus position is better than laying down, so do that.

Take those first few deep breaths to get yourself settled in. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

Perform a body scan in the way that you’re used to. When you get to your forehead, imagine a ball of energy there.

The energy should start to radiate across your body. You might see colors of indigo or white, and you should see an image of an eye or something similar.

From here you have to let the visions take you where your subconscious mind wants to go. It’s not something you can control as such, neither should you focus on it.

Signs You Are Unlocking Your Third Eye

Once you start seeing and using your third eye during meditation, you’re going to start feeling and seeing things in your everyday life too.

Some of the common things that happen to people that have been activating their thrid eye include:

  • Seeing or hearing things that other people are not seeing or hearing
  • Feeling spiritually connected or “in touch” with your spiritual side
  • Having more clarity and understanding about things around you
  • Experiencing lucid or vivid dreams that really feel real and reveal things about your life
  • Generally having a more “enlightened” feeling and outlook on life

As you can tell from the above signs, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what an individual will feel. All of these things are connected though.

If you’re activating your third eye you will increase your perception, understanding, and enhance your clarity. All truly wonderful and rewarding feelings that help us achieve a more fulfilled life!

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