Reuse Bath and Body Works Candle Jars

Reuse Bath and Body Works Candle Jars With These 10 Awesome Ways!

Bath & Body Works candles are one of the most popular choices for adding a delightful fragrance and ambiance to any room.

Once the candle has burned down, however, you’re left with an empty jar – and if you’re like me, you’re wondering of ways how you can reuse or upcycle them!

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to reuse Bath & Body Works candle jars.


Reuse Bath and Body Works Candle Jars: 10 Ideas!

1. Storage

The empty candle jars make great storage containers for small items such as buttons, beads, or paperclips – the possibilities are endless.

The clear glass of the jar allows you to easily see what is inside, making it a convenient storage solution.

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2. Plant pots

Wash out the candle jar and use it as a small plant pot for herbs or succulents.

Simply add a layer of pebbles or rocks to the bottom of the jar for drainage and fill the rest with potting soil.

The jar’s wide opening and sturdy base make it a great container for small plants.

3. Home decor

You can fill the jar with colorful marbles, stones, or shells and use it as a decorative piece.

You can also add small trinkets or figurines to the jar to create a unique display.

The jar’s clear glass allows the contents to be easily seen, making it a beautiful addition to any room.

4. Travel container

Use the jar to hold small items such as cotton balls, q-tips, or makeup brushes when traveling.

The jar’s tight-fitting lid keeps items secure and the small size makes it easy to pack in a suitcase.

5. Soap dispenser

Remove the wick and use the jar as a soap dispenser in the bathroom or kitchen.

Simply fill the jar with liquid soap and attach a soap dispenser pump to the top. The jar’s wide opening makes it easy to refill the soap as needed.

6. Sealing food items

With the lid making an airtight seal, the jar makes an excellent container for storing food items such as nuts or dried fruit, as well as candy and things like that.

This helps to keep food fresh and in a convenient place while also looking pretty cool.

7. Pencil holder

You can use the jar to hold pens, pencils, or other office supplies on your desk for ease of use.

The jar’s clear glass allows you to easily see the contents and the wide opening allows things to poke out from the top without tipping out.

8. Spice jar

Bath and Body Works Candle jars are perfect for storing small amounts of spices in the kitchen.

The jar’s small size is perfect for storing individual spices, and the clear glass allows you to easily see what is inside.

9. Craft supply holder

I’ve seen a number of people using Bath and Body Works Candle jars to hold small craft supplies such as buttons, beads, or sequins.

The jar is a perfect size and it’s a convenient storage solution for craft supplies.

10. Gift containers

I don’t know about you, but I often used to be on the hunt for convenient glass jars to put gifts in – until that is, I started using Bath and Body Works Candle Jars!

These are just a few ideas for reusing Bath & Body Works candle jars.

With a little creativity, there are endless possibilities for repurposing these versatile containers!

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How To Clean Out Bath and Body Works Candle Jars

Before you can use a jar, you need to clean out any leftover hard wax and the labels on Bath & Body Works candle jars.

To do so you can follow these steps:

  1. Melt the remaining wax: Place the candle jar in a pot of water and bring the water to a boil. As the water heats up, the remaining wax will melt and loosen from the sides of the jar.
  2. Remove the wax and wick: Once the wax has melted, use a spoon or butter knife to scrape the wax and wick out of the jar. Be sure to remove as much wax as possible to make the jar easier to clean.
  3. Wash the jar: Rinse the jar thoroughly with hot water to remove any remaining wax and debris. You can also use a mild dish soap to help remove any stubborn bits of wax.
  4. Remove the label: If the label is difficult to remove, try soaking the jar in hot water for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive. Then, use a scraper or butter knife to gently lift the edges of the label and peel it off. If the label is still difficult to remove, you can try using a product such as Goo Gone to help dissolve the adhesive.
  5. Dry the jar: Once the jar is clean and label-free, dry it thoroughly before using it for a new purpose.

I hope these steps help you clean out your Bath & Body Works candle jars.

Some can be incredibly stubborn but as long as you give them a good scrub I’m sure you’ll be able to get any jar looking as good as new!

Image credits – Photo by Paulina Milde-Jachowska on Unsplash

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