Independent Contractor Agreement Massage Therapist

Independent Contractor Agreement for Massage Therapist Explained

As a massage therapist, if you’re working for yourself and are using a space within a business you will typically need to sign an independent contractor agreement with the business you’re working in.

The document is designed to protect you and the business from any conflicts and confusion. You can pick one up and fill it out in just a few minutes, that part of it is just a formality.


Filling Out an Independent Contractor Agreement

There are a few key areas covered in the independent contractor agreement, the main points are:

Pay and Services

You should already have a business plan in place and know what services you are going to offer, and what you will be charging clients.

Most agreements will ask you to outline your services and your hours of operation. Obviously, if you’re using a space in another business your hours of operation will have to fit within theirs.

You will likely have to list all of your equipment too. Your massage table, linen, other tools you’ll be using, and specifically any materials that can be potentially hazardous.

Protecting the Business

The contractor agreement serves to protect both businesses from any actions that may cause complaints, damage their brand and reputation, or worse, a lawsuit.

You are required to act professionally at all times as you are within a business and your actions reflect on their brand and business.

The nature of massage therapy also means that there is physical contact between the therapist and client, so special care and attention is required to act appropriately.

This is an area that often causes confusion, but it doesn’t need to. You’re an independent contractor, but while operating from another business’s premises you need to represent the business on a professional level.

Non-Compete Clause

A non-compete clause isn’t always included as part of the independent contractor agreement, but it’s something to be aware of in case it is.

What this basically means is that you’re agreeing to no solicit the businesses client/customers for a set period of time after leaving the company, or within a specified caption area.

It’s a reasonable agreement that actually serves both you as the massage therapist, and the business. You’re benefiting from the business’s client base and brand while you’re with them, and as such, they should retain some goodwill.

Administration Details

There will usually be a section covering administration and daily tasks. It’s important to name who will be responsible for key tasks, such as mediating any disagreements, and the management hierarchy.

The agreement will also make it clear that you are a contractor and not an employee of the business you’re working out of. There are many different legal implications between being a contractor or employee, and it’s something that needs to be clearly stated.

Independent Contractor Agreement Templates and Forms

The forms are fairly straightforward and you can easily find decent templates online. LegalTemplates is a good place to download and print out forms.

They also provide some pretty useful information. However, when handling legal documents I would always get your paperwork checked by a legal expert to be on the safe side.

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