Hot Tub Etiquette

Hot Tub Etiquette

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot tub? There are few things more enjoyable, fun, and relaxing as a soak in a hot tub. But whether you are hosting in your own hot tub, or you’re visiting a spa – having good hot tub etiquette is very important to everyone’s enjoyment.

If everyone has good manners and respects the rules, spoken and unspoken, everyone will have a much more enjoyable time. So do your part and be aware of what is good etiquette in and around a hot tub.


Hosting Your Own Hot Tub Party or Going to a Private Party

Obviously, if you have your own hot tub then you get to make up the rules. But for everyone to be comfortable there are some basic do’s and dont’s.

Hot Tub Attire: Nude or Swimwear

This is often a topic that causes some anxiety for people. In reality how often is it nude only? Not very. It’s safe to assume that you will need some swimwear.

If you’re hosting a nude only party then you’re going to make this very clear to save embarrassment for people. But really, even then it should only be optional in my opinion. You’d rather have everyone being comfortable and happy I’m sure.

Rinse Out Swimwear

I’m sure everyone will being clean swimwear, that’s a given. Not everyone will rinse out their swimwear in plain water though. This is always a good idea as washing powders carry chemicals that can sometimes cause unwanted extra bubbles in a hot tub.

Bring Towels

It’s not good manners to assume the host will provide towels for everyone. Think about this from your own perspective. Do you want to provide, and then wash a load of towels for all your guests? Didn’t think so.

Always Shower before Entering a Hot Tub

This is another one that’s basic manners really. Even though a hot tub is obviously going to give you a wash, you should enter it clean. You’re going to be sharing water with other people so it’s the least you can do.

No Dive-Bombing

As tempting as it is to show off and dive-bomb into a hot tub, don’t do it. Even if the champagne is flowing and everyone is in high spirits. It’s not going to end well. You’re likely to break something or hurt someone.

Don’t Bring Food

There is an exception to this rule if you’re given special permission. But the general rule is that you don’t bring food. Crumbs don’t mix with hot tub’s, and there is always a risk that someone will knock you or you will drop something in.

No Pets

The theme with most of these points is hygiene and respecting other people’s boundaries. Don’t let your dog take a dip in the tub. Not only is it dangerous, but not everyone wants to share water with animals.

Switch Off Cell Phones

I know some people just can’t live without their cell phones. My advice to them is don’t get into the hot tub then. People are there to relax, they don’t want to hear to someone yapping on their phone. Plus there is the obvious that water and electronics are not a good mix.

Some of the above points are obvious. Some are just basic manners. But all of them are ways to show good hot tub etiquette and not annoy the other people using the tub.

Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the warm, relaxing bubbles. Chat with the other people and don’t be the one who ruins it for the others.

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