Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy

Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy

Are you familiar with that feeling that comes over you when you enter a room with negative energy in?

It’s not a nice feeling. One minute you are perfectly happy and buzzing with positive energy. The next minute you feel deflated and awkward.

There are essential oils for protection against negative energy. Using the right fragrances can completely change the atmosphere, mood, and remove the negative energy from the room.

Maybe there has been an argument. Someone has just received some bad news. Or people are thinking about the worst case scenarios.

Whatever it is, it can be hard to change the mood of a room once it has turned negative. Yet diffusing the correct essential oil can be a subtle and refreshing solution.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Rose
Rose oil is helpful in times of stress and anxiety. It’s been used as a go to oil during times of grief for years and has strong healing powers.

You can use rose oil for yourself if you struggle with anxiety. As well as diffusing it into a room full of people to lift the mood and turn the atmosphere around.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Basil
Basil oil is among the top oils used to stimulate mental activity. It’s used to help people concentrate and focus better on the task in hand.

It’s great for energizing too. So if you think about it, all these quality are able to lift the mood of a room and deal with negative energy.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Cypress
Cypress has a lot of the same qualities as basil. The main differences being it has a much different aroma, and it blends with other oils better.

Try mixing this with some mint or frankincense. It has a very fresh and natural odor to it, it’s soft and often goes largely unnoticed in small doses.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Frankincense
Used since ancient times, frankincense has a range of medical, spiritual and aromatic properties.

It’s a popular choice as incense as it’s a good mood enhancer. It’s subtle and is very calming and relaxing, without being tiring or overpowering.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Myrhh
Another essence than can be traced back centuries. It’s a tree resin that quick to have its healing and spiritual properties realized.

It’s believed to be good for protection against negative energy and certainly worth a try. It can be overpowering at times, but you can combine with a softer fragrance to tone it down.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Peppermint

Peppermint is a distinctive aroma to anyone. Peppermint oils contain menthol, a cooling and fresh scented herb.

It’s also known to help relieve headaches and tension. Something that can cause feeling of negative or subdued feelings in a room.


Essential Oils for Protection against Negative Energy Cedarwood
Cedarwood has a very rich, woody, earthy aroma. It also has calming qualities that you are looking for when trying to lower the negative energy in a room.

Some people use it when they want some quiet time to just reflect or be mindful. It’s worth diffusing into a room if there is, or will be conflict of any kind.

Using Fragrance to Help Yourself and Others

If you work as a therapist or any other position that puts you in the seat helping others who are down prepare the room. Set up a diffuser and diffuse a few drops of on of those oils mentioned.

You can help yourself and any clients or friends clear their negative thoughts, emotions, and feel better with an improved level of focus.

If you are very hands on you can switch it up and vaporize some frankincense or rose just as they are leaving. This will give them the boost they need and a skip in their step.

Make Sure You Are Free of Negative Energy

It’s impossible to avoid negative energy. Sometimes you have to should some to help out friends too. It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference.

If you have had an emotionally charged day take some time for yourself. Have a warm bath and add a few drops of any of the above oils into the bath.

This will help improve your energy, and strengthen your spiritual and mental well being. Additionally you can add a drop or two to your pillow, or in your bedroom. Sleeping with a mood lifting aroma is helpful.

Don’t let other people negative energy get you down. Stay happy, stay healthy, and take the right steps to look after yourself.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are extremely powerful tools to protect you against negative energy when used properly.

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