What Is an Indian Head Massage

What Is an Indian Head Massage

If you have never had an Indian head massage you have been missing out on some seriously relaxing, rejuvenating and healing massage experiences. So what is an indian head massage, and what are the benefits for the person on the receiving end?

Indian head massage techniques were developed on the ayurvedic system of healing. It’s been practiced for over a thousand years in its place of origin, India. There is no denying the healing and relaxing properties that have been highly tuned over this time.

With a wealth of positive benefits and some interesting points that are not so well known. In this article I will cover all the important aspects of Indian head massages. Hopefully I will convince the skeptical or first-timers to find their nearest head massage therapist and book a session too!


Indian Head Massage Procedure

The complete procedure of an Indian head massage includes massaging the face, head, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. Releasing built up tension in the muscles and working out any knots and pains.

Tension and tightness can build up in muscles over time, and if ignored can lead on to larger problems. Such as stiff joints, stress, aches and pains, and in some instances even hair loss.

This massage process is incredibly relaxing. The stimulation it gives the areas being worked on increases blood flow. Leaving you feeling invigorated, refreshed and stimulating your body’s own natural defence.

There is also an emotional connection with the head massage. Helping a person be calmer, relieve the symptoms of stress or anxiety, and helping them connect with a deeper level of relaxation.

The increased blood flow and circulation helps the body deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles being massaged. This improves brain function, and strengthens other organs in the body.

Meaning you can think clearer. Flush more of the harmful toxins being held in your body. Your concentration will improve, and you will be more alert. It’s a profound feeling, especially the first time you experience it.

Another positive reaction is improved lymphatic drainage. Stimulating your body’s immune system. Strengthening your resistance to illness and helping you heal quicker from illness, aches and pains.

Benefits of an Indian Head Massage

With all of these positive effects of an Indian head massage, let’s take a look at the benefits.

  • Increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the neck and shoulders. Stimulating the body to deliver more nutrients to these areas and promote better health.
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure by slowing down heart rate.
  • Slows down breathing and encourages more controlled and focused breathing.
  • Relieves mental fatigue and soothes the symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • Acts as a natural mood booster.
  • Loosens muscles and works out built up tension and stress.
  • Helps with sinus problems and head colds.
  • Restores a positive flow of energy throughout the body.

What Conditions Can Indian Head Massages Help With

What Conditions Can Indian Head Massages Help With?

Obviously you should always consult a medical professional before relying on alternative treatments like massages to cure any medical issues.

With the all-clear however, there are a range of conditions that a head massage can help with. Often being incredibly effective, the vary of which can be dependant on the person.

Some of the conditions it’s known to help with include;

  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Tinnitus and other ear problems.
  • Muscular pain and tension in the upper back and neck.
  • Sinusitis and other sinus infections.
  • Sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • Eye pain from straining.
  • Hair Loss.
  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

Contra Actions of Indian Head Massage

Contra actions are reactions that some people may experience to treatments. If you experience any contra actions that give you cause for concern, you should consult a medical professional before having another treatment.

However, as you will see below there are some usual contra actions that are largely to be expected..

Here are some possible contra actions of a head massage;

  • Heightened senses and emotional state. This is due to your mind being cleansed in a way you may not have experienced before. It can feel strange at first.
  • Excessive tiredness. A head massage stimulates the body’s blood flow, increasing the amount of work it’s doing effectively. This can cause a person to feel much more tired than usual.
  • Dull aching muscles. If the muscles worked on are aching and painful this is due to the massage stimulating the release of toxins.

Advantages of Indian Head Massage Compared to Traditional Massage

While I would not suggest a head massage is a substitute for a normal massage like a Swedish massage. There are some advantages to having a head massage in some instances.

Consider the following;

No need to strip down – This is something that people feel insecure about. It’s easy for me to tell you that there is no reason to feel like this. But for a lot of people it’s hard to get past.

For a head massage you just need to lay at an angle comfortably. The therapist needs access to your head, shoulders, and the top of your back.

More focus on mental well being – A head massage focuses more on the head, of course. This gives you much more  mental stimulation and a deep, inner relaxation.

Swedish massage gives more of an all over physical relaxation. It’s a different feeling, worth trying and comparing the two.

It’s a great way to get that first massage – If there is anything holding you back from having any type of massage, a head massage is a great way to get started.

Ideally you want a nice quiet afternoon. But you can book in a 30 minute session and try it out on a lunch break or after work. It’s easy to give a try, and you will thank yourself.

Should I Have an Indian Head Massage

If you have had lingering headaches, eye-strain, or been suffering with stress you should book in a session. Maybe conventional medicine isn’t helping, or you don’t like taking pills. A head massage is a natural and organic solution to these problems.

Having the circulation improved in your back, back and shoulders will make a huge improvement on how you feel. The increased rate of flushing toxins from your body and lymphatic flow is going to come as a welcome shock when you first experience it.

Having your energy centres realigned really does address a lot physical and mental issues, aches and pains. Book yourself a n Indian head massage in and be sure to check back and let me know how it went.

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