Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

This Edens Garden essential oils reviews article looks at one of the more popular brands of essential oils on the market. Their oils are distilled naturally and have strong distinctive scents. The company is growing at a fast pace and have one of the largest collections of oils available.

There are a few large companies in the essential oil market, Such as Young Living, Mountain Rose and doTerra. But having used all of the aforementioned brands, there is something special about Edens Garden which is why I’m writing this review.

I’ve used dozens of Edens oils, and brought them for friends and family. It can be hard to pick oils out of a line up from different companies. But the whole experience from Edens is a notch above the others in my opinion.


Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

Being established for quite a while, Edens Garden has built up quite the collection. They sell a wide range of essential oils, carrier oils, gift sets, synergy blends, and selected organic oils. For anyone new to oils, it’s a treasure trove of goodies, and there is literally any and every scent you can think of!

Essential Oils

Edens Garden Essential Oils top 6 SetThey have over 150 different essential oils to choose from. They are always adding new scents (I can’t imagine where they get the ideas from), and they are always putting together different packages so look out for those.

Their oils come in 5ml, 10ml and 30ml sizes. They are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade oils. They never add any additives or other synthetic ingredients, so you’re getting the pure stuff.

Synergy BlendsEdens Garden Synergy Blends Essential Oils

Blending oils to make a blend to treat certain health issues such as stress, muscle pain, skin conditions etc can be time consuming and confusing at first. Edens Garden have come up with a range of perfectly synergized blends already prepared to help with this.

Exploring though their blends you will find powerful and intoxicating aromas and all-natural remedies. There are no additives or other ingredients, just pure therapeutic oils like all their products. Perfect for newbies and experienced users alike.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to make a blend with essential oils to be used topically on the skin during a massage. Massage therapy is a very effective way to feel the benefits of the oils, and have a relaxing hands-on treatment.

Edens Garden have a range of carrier oils, also known as base oils. They have all the typical blends, such as Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Coconut etc. As well as providing grades with added UV protection, or antioxidants.

Gift Sets

Edens garden gift set Essential OilsMaybe I’m bias, but oils make for some of the best gifts you can buy someone. No one is going to be disappointed to receive some oils as a gift, and what better way to present it than in a gift set.

You get a leaflet inside outlining what oils are included and how to use them. So don’t worry if you’re buying someone oils for the first time. They can get using them and experimenting right away.

Are Edens Garden Essential Oils Ingestible?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. Firstly I’m not a medical professional and can only give advice that from unprofessional perspective. You should only act on the advice of a medical professional when ingesting things.

While their products are completely 100% pure therapeutic grade. It’s not advisable to ingest them. I only use them in diffusers, and as a blend with carrier oils for massages. These two methods should cover all of your needs.

Are Edens Garden Oils Therapeutic Grade?

Yes absolutely. They are 100% pure therapeutic grade.

In Summary

Edens Garden Essential Oils are among the best on the market and you will not be disappointed after buying them. It’s refreshing to see a company with such a strong motive to provide the best quality products they can, at the best prices.

Below I will outline 10 of the basic oils you should try first and the health benefits they offer.

Peppermint – Helps you to feel more alert and smells great.

Lemon – Helps normalize hormone levels and lessens the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Lavender – Helps you to sleep better, a few drops on your pillow will do the trick.

Ginger – Helps reduce nausea and get’s you feeling better and thinking straight.

Grapefruit – Helps reduce your appetite, a natural approach to aiding a diet plan.

Lavender – Helps to reduce anxiety and calm nerves, smells lovely in the summer.

Eucalyptus – Helps to alleviate sinusitis and keep colds and flu symptoms at bay.

Black Pepper – Helps people quit smoking and break other bad habits.

Orange – Helps relieve the mental anguish of anxiety.

Rosemary – Helps to improve focus and concentration, great after a long day at work.

There you have it. 10 of the most commonly used oils and their therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are a powerful way to help with almost any health issue you can think of. They are not intended to be replacements for medicine, or miracle cures, but they absolutely help and can complement any treatments.

You can find more blends and information the Edens Garden Blog.

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