Damiana Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Damiana Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

I thought I would cover Damiana essential oil in detail as it’s an interesting oil to look at, and somewhat controversial to some extent. Anyone who reads this blog will know I’m obsessed with using different oils and I’m always interested with the effects and benefits associated with them.


A Little History on Damiana

Damiana has a decorated history. It was used in teas, alcohol, and smoked. I can’t verify this first hand, but I am told that it can induce lucid dreaming when combined with other herbs. It’s certainly a powerful herb, and needs to be handled a little more carefully that your usual set of essential oil blends.

The shrub is native to the rocky hills of Central and Southern America. It produces yellow, small, scented flowers in early summer. Producing fruits later in the season, the taste of which is compared to figs if you’re familiar with the unique and sweet texture these fruits offer.

Essential oil is pressed from the shrub and this is available from the usual brands. I will point out that it’s not available everywhere. The herb is actually banned in parts of South America at the time of writing this. This is because of the health risks if the herb is abused and not used as directed. More of this will be explained in the contraindications section of the article.
Damiana Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

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Damiana and It’s Use as an Aphrodisiac

The damiana shrub has been utilized in South America for a long time. Primarily used in tea because it has a relaxing effect and a lovely, spicy aroma. It actually has natural aphrodisiac properties, and the extent of which is still be studied to this day.

Since being harvested and captured as an oil, the herb has been used in products that are designed to be a natural aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. The herb also has properties active in stimulating a person’s emotions.

So in combination, it’s kind of like a modern day love potion! However, I’m not responsible for any, or lack of effects when used, so please don’t blame me – but do feel free to contact me with any positive stories. I know, that’s really fickle.

Benefits of Damiana Tea

There are a whole host of positive health benefits to damiana tea. It’s used to relieve nervousness, mild forms of depression and anxiety. So it’s certainly a mood lifting brew, it’s has a nice spicy tone to it too and is enjoyable as a drink.

It’s also reported to be very helpful for relieving constipation and improving the digestive tract flow. Although, as with most herbs that offer these benefits it will have laxative effects if drank in large amounts.

It is of course well known as a love potion of sorts as already discussed. It’s recommended by herbalists to patients looking for a libido lift or an improvement in performance. As far as I can find out, studies have only been tested in detail on animal subjects however. So maybe there is  a little room for you to make up your own mind.

How to Make Damiana Tea

Contradictions and Side Effects of Using Damiana

Taking into account all the positive benefits I have written about a common mistake a lot of people make is overdoing the use of this herb. It’s a powerful herb and oil, so it’s not to be played around with and should only be used as directed.

You should proceed with caution is any of the following applies to use or any person using this herb:

  • If you have any mental disorders and conditions being treated with medication
  • If you have hypertension
  • If you are a diabetic
  • If you are expecting to have a surgery within the next few weeks
  • If you are pregnant

Always consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about the use of damiana. Either before or after use.

Some other areas to be aware of is the laxative effect from using too much. This is often an unwanted byproduct of drinking too much tea. Unlike a lot of other herbs it’s sweet and spicy and the tea tastes very nice, so it’s all too easy to have a little too much.Damiana and It's Use as an Aphrodisiac


Benefits of Damiana Essential Oil

The shrub was originally used as a mild antidepressant, as well as helping people with nervous dispositions and anxiety issues. As discussed above damiana also helps with sexual issues, such as performance anxiety and is used as an aphrodisiac. So if you’re looking for a natural libido booster maybe you should take a closer look at this as an option.

There are also ongoing studies into the effect on hormone levels. It’s believed to help balance hormones in females, helping to regulate menstruation. As well as boosting testosterone levels in men.

It will not come as as surprise that the oil also boost blood circulation. This is a positive side effect when managed, as it helps stimulate the body to heal muscle injuries and gets the organs operating optimally. In-turn boosting your immune system and giving you a better all-round feeling of well-being.

It’s also used to help with constipation and digestion problems. Used in mild amounts it’s very effective, but too much can lead to a laxative effect – so use in moderation!

How to Use Damiana Essential Oil

There are several ways to use damiana oil. If you’re using it as a love potion to increase a libido or sexual arousal then a warm bath with a few drops in is a great way to start. It has a lovely spicy scent, it’s pleasant on the nose and is very relaxing in a warm bath.

Or you can mix a few drops with a carrier oil to make a massage oil. I don’t need to tell you about all the benefits of massage therapy. Especially with an oil that has so many stimulating properties. It’s one of the best for sensual massage, that’s for sure.

It’s also a great oil to diffuse into the air I have reviewed a number of essential oil diffusers and they are all excellent. The obvious choice is to diffuse it in the bedroom, but it’s equally as enjoyable anywhere in the home.

I have covered above how you can make tea, and it’s also been used in alcoholic drinks. It’s a versatile and easy to use oil. Do a little experimenting and use it how you find best suited to yourself.

In Summary

Damiana essential oil, like most oils offers a range of health benefits when used correctly. I’ve gone over the methods of use, contraindications, side effects, and positive health benefits in detail. Damiana is one of the lesser known oils, but I think it’s a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection and you will surely find the perfect moments to use it.

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