ZegFit Premium Muscle Roller Stick

ZegFit Premium Muscle Roller Stick Review

This ZegFit Premium Muscle Roller Stick is one of the more durable and well-built rollers. It doesn’t come with a huge price tag either so after you read this article if you don’t order one I’d love to hear from you as to why.

If you haven’t used a muscle roller before I will cover all the benefits and pros in this article. There aren’t really any drawbacks, well, the only drawback being that you need to massage yourself. But that’s not all bad.

They come in handy before working out as a warm up tool, after working out as a cool down tool. And anywhere in between to help you recover from injuries, reduce the discomfort from a wide range of issues, and help your body heal quicker.


How the ZegFit Premium Muscle Roller Stick Can Help

The reason muscle sticks have seen a rise in popularity is because they can help in a number of ways, while being quick and easy. Just what busy people demand. Here are some of the top ways this muscle roller can improve your life.

Makes Myofascial Release Easy

Myofascial release is an important form of massage therapy to keep your muscles loose and strong. It helps repair the soft tissues and keeps your body running optimally and helps avoid injury.

By rolling with this stick just once a day for 10-15 minutes you can do this. Not only is it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It’s doing your muscles a world of good. You can even do it while watching TV or other activates similar to that.

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Cheaper than Trips to a Massage Therapist

Let’s not avoid one big selling point. Buying a roller is a lot less expensive than booking sessions with a physio or a massage therapist. And guess what? The results you can achieve at home for a few bucks isn’t far from that of a visit to a therapist.

Can Use Anytime, Any Place

For me, the convenience is a big plus. Being able to just pick it up and roll for five minutes is incredibly helpful. It’s small and light too, so you can take it with you if you travel.

Benefits of Using a Muscle Rolling Stick

  • You can perform myofascial release treatment at home to heal and strengthen your body
  • You can work on your muscles to speed up their recovery time after working out
  • You will improve the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles
  • You can use it to aid warming up before a workout session
  • You can relieve the stiffness and pain in your muscles

Features of The ZegFit Roller

The ZegFit roller is 18” long, which is pretty standard when it comes to muscle rollers. It’s made of metal, which does set it apart from a lot of other products. This means it’s incredibly tough, and we can safely assume it’s not going to break under normal usage.

The handles are rubber so you can get a good firm grip and not worry about the stick slipping. There are 7 individual rollers that turn as you roll across your muscles and give you that deep pressure you need from a tool like this.

I can’t stress just how easy these sticks are to use. People keep asking me what the secret is, or how should they be using them. Just roll them on the areas of your body you want and apply as much pressure as is comfortable.

You will get a feel for the ZegFit Premium Muscle Roller Stick and how it makes you feel. It becomes instinctual, and over time it will become easier.

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