Vibration Massage Techniques Explained

Vibration Massage Techniques Explained

Vibration massage techniques are used in a wide range of different massages. The techniques included within vibration massages primarily include shaking and jostling to make the motion. The speed and firmness varies on the needs of the client and the therapist.

Vibrations help by stimulating the nervous system and is more effective at doing so than normal long strokes. Stimulating the nervous system is great for alleviating pain and stimulating internal organs to work more efficiently. These techniques are also used extensively for relieving back pain.

Jostling – This is one of the two main methods used within vibration techniques. This motion is designed to get the circulation of blood flowing and stimulated to the areas being worked on. The therapist will pinch and grasp at the muscle, giving it a vibrating and shaking motion.

Shaking – This technique helps to loosen the ligaments and give the client’s joints some stimulation. Joints need to be stimulated to keep the fluid fresh and the joints flexible. You may have seen this being performed and be familiar with it. The therapist will shake out the person’s arm and work on the tissue around the joints.

The word ‘vibration’ is taken from the Latin translation for ‘shaker’.


Benefits of Vibration Massage Movements

There are various health benefits to receiving vibration techniques. You can either use an electronic tool or visit a therapist. Some of the tools, like this one from HoMedics are really, really good now. So if time or money is an issue, it’s an option.

Here are some of the health benefits associated with these techniques:


These techniques are incredibly relaxing. They are usually used as part of the cool-down at the end of a long session for this reason. You get a much deeper and wider feeling than just the area that was targeted. Once blood flow has been stimulated, you will get a lovely warm glow all over.

Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction

As far as natural and effective pain relief goes, massage is one of the best methods. Whether you have an injury or live in chronic pain, massaging the area can offer great relief. This goes for reducing the pain and size of swollen joints.

Energizing and Rejuvenating

With deep relaxation can only come an increase in natural energy levels. You need to communicate this to your therapist and they will use different techniques. Lighter vibration motions all over your body and some deeper muscle strokes to stimulate blood flow.

5 More Types of Vibration Massage

To cover some of the other techniques you may have come across, here are five more techniques commonly used within a vibration massage.

Knuckle Vibration – This is how it sounds. The knuckles are used with closed fists to dig into the surface of the skin. It’s a good method for working on large muscle groups like the back or the thighs.

Deep Vibration – This is carried out with the palms of the hands and applying pressure. It’s tough to do from the therapist’s side, but incredibly relaxing.

Lateral Vibration – Another technique named after the motion. The therapist makes lateral motions while applying pressure and gliding across the muscles.

Superficial Vibration – This involves delivering a fine trembling motion over the body while using the palms of the hands to apply pressure to specific areas.

Digital Vibration – This is a technique used on small joints and bony areas. There isn’t a lot of pressure, and gentle vibrations are delivered to loosen the muscles.

Contraindications of Vibration Massage

As always, there are some precautions to be aware of before having a massage.

  • Do not massage bony parts of the body
  • Do not massage atrophied or damaged muscles
  • Do not have a massage if you’re pregnant
  • Do not put heavy pressure on the kidneys
  • Do not massage areas with sunburn, sores or wounds

These are just some typical common issues. If you have any concerns or questions always consult your therapist or medical professional for clarity.

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