Things Photographers Say to Make You Smile

Things Photographers Say to Make You Smile (25 Fun Examples!)

Capturing that perfect smile in a photograph is an art form in itself, one that photographers master with a blend of skill, timing, and often, a touch of humor.

“Things Photographers Say to Make You Smile” delves into the playful banter and clever sayings photographers use to elicit genuine grins from their subjects.

Whether it’s a subtle joke, a funny observation, or a quirky request, photographers have a treasure trove of phrases up their sleeves to make you show those pearly whites.

This blog post explores the creative and amusing ways photographers bring out the best in us, one smile at a time.

25 Examples of Things Photographers Say to Make You Smile

  • “Pretend your in-laws just announced they’re moving to another continent!”
  • “Say ‘I see Monday’… Just kidding, we actually want a happy photo!”
  • “Imagine you just won the lottery, but you lost the ticket. Oh, wait, found it!”
  • “Smile if you’ve ever secretly danced in front of the mirror!”
  • “Think about the last time you tried to whisper a secret and it came out as a shout.”
  • “On the count of three, show me your best ‘I just stepped in something squishy’ face.”
  • “Remember that time you tried to cook and ended up ordering pizza? That’s the smile I need!”
  • “Give me a smile that says, ‘I know where the hidden cookies are.'”
  • “Act like you just heard the funniest dad joke… but try to keep it classy!”
  • “Smile as if your pet just did something naughty but adorable.”
  • “Let’s see a grin that says, ‘Yes, I did eat the last piece of cake.'”

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  • “Imagine you’re laughing at how ridiculously photogenic you are!”
  • “Show me the smile you’d have if you could never stub your toe again.”
  • “Pretend you just found out your laugh is contagious to grumpy people.”
  • “Think of the joy you feel when you hear the words ‘snow day‘ as an adult.”
  • “Give me a ‘my favorite song just came on the radio’ kind of smile.”
  • “Show me the smile you have when you get to the front of a long line.”
  • “Flash a grin like you just remembered you have ice cream in the freezer.”
  • “Let’s see a ‘just avoided a parking ticket by a second’ smile.”
  • “Imagine getting a compliment from your crush back in high school.”
  • “Give me a ‘I found an extra fry at the bottom of the bag’ smile.”
  • “Smile like you just remembered a funny moment with your best friend.”
  • “Think of how you’d grin if you could skip all ads on TV forever.”
  • “Show me a ‘suddenly remembered a hidden chocolate stash’ smile.”
  • “Pretend you’re smiling for a mugshot on the happiest day of your life.”

In conclusion, photographers have a knack for using humor, nostalgia, and whimsy to draw out genuine, joyful smiles from their subjects.

These playful prompts not only ease the tension but also add an element of fun to the photo-taking process, ensuring that the resulting images capture the true essence of joy and spontaneity.

So next time you’re in front of the lens, don’t be surprised if the photographer says something utterly ridiculous—it’s all in the pursuit of that perfect, radiant smile.

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