5 Amazing Sesame Oil Bath Benefits

5 Amazing Sesame Oil Bath Benefits

Bathing in oils, such as essential oils, therapeutic oils and sesame oils is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. This article is going to look sesame oil bath benefits and why using sesame seed oil might be the perfect choice for you right now.


What is Sesame Oil

Sesame seed oil has been used extensively in treatments and healing in India for thousands of years. It has antibacterial properties, is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and can be used to help with a long list of health complaints.

The use has been popularized in recent years. It’s inexpensive and incredibly effective. It’s also a very versatile oil, being used in massage, cooking, aromatherapy, and is one of the best carrier oils for a host of products.
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Sesame Oil Bath Benefits

Moisturizes the Skin

Sesame oil has a number of properties that are conducive with moisturizing. Including palmitic acids, stearic acids, and linoleic acids. It’s safe to use daily, and great to put a few drops into a bath.

It can help with skin conditions like eczema and dry elbows. You will notice your skin feels naturally more moisturized and looks healthier after bathing in it.

Reduces the Effects of Aging

There are a lot of oils, creams and treatments that promise the world when it comes to reducing the effects of again. A lot of products do make a small difference, sesame oil is one of them.

The main ingredient that makes a difference here is sesamol. This helps reduce the depth of wrinkles in the skin. It’s a natural and more effective alternative to a lot of the chemical based products.

Reduces Antibacterial Infections

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil helps to reduce inflamed joints and areas on the body. As well as reducing antibacterial infections on the skin.

Psoriasis and eczema sufferers will experience a noticeable difference in the appearance and the severity of their conditions. If you currently take medications and aren’t happy with the results, this is a must try.

Detoxes the Skin

Our skin is our outer layer of protection. Without being consciously aware of it we are exposing our skin to all kinds of toxins. A lot of which are absorbed.

A warm bath with sesame oil deep cleanses the skin and helps to clean out a lot of the toxins. Making your skin look and feel smoother and with less blemishes.

Improves Health of Hair

Allow the oil water in the bath to wash through your hair. Sesame oil has been used to replenish hair quality and hair loss. It can darken the color of hair, as well as strengthening the follicles.

The antibacterial properties are also good for eliminating bacteria deep in the hair and on the scalp.

How to Prepare and Take a Sesame Oil Bath

How to Prepare and Take a Sesame Oil Bath

You will get more out of the whole experience if you are in the right frame of mind. It should never be rushed, wait until you have some quiet time to fully relax and enjoy a long, hot bath.

It’s also best experienced on an empty stomach. So first thing in the morning is ideal, as well as late at night. Find some quiet time when you will not be interrupted, or have any noises that will disturb you.

Fill the bath with warm water and add some bubbles or another scent that you really enjoy. You don’t need to add oil directly to the bath, you will be using plenty on your body. Apply some to the top of your head and work the oil into the scalp.

Allow the oil to soak into your hair and scalp. Work the rest of your body, rubbing the oil in and massaging your limbs. Take your time and really work on massaging the oil into your skin.

After you have covered all of your body wash the oil out of your hair. Now it’s time to relax and just soak in the warm water. Try and meditate if this is something you enjoy doing. The oil will be absorbing into your skin and all the nutrients and benefits will be absorbed by your body.

It’s one of the most relaxing experiences. Combine this with all the wonderful health properties of the oil and you have the perfect recipe for a better you. Enjoy!

Contraindications of Sesame Oil

There are a couple of things to be aware of. It you are taking prescribed medication I would always check with your doctor if there will be any side-effects or reactions to using sesame oil at the same time.

Sesame oil lowers blood pressure. So any medication that is thinning blood will be a contraindication unless otherwise directed.

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