Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair Review

Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair Review

The Relax 2 Zero Massage chair brings a luxurious massage experience on par with a session at a professional spa – right into the comfort of your home.

The zero gravity setting tilts the chair to the perfect angle to give you that weightless feeling. It takes all the pressure and weight off your body. Giving you a deep relaxation, relieving pain and stress off your body, as well as letting all your worries and stresses float away.

With a high-end luxury chair like this Relax 2 Zero USJ-9000 there is a lot to cover, so let’s look at some of the impressive features.


The Smart Chair That Actually Scans Your Body

The chair has built in technology to scan your entire body. It’s intelligent CPU looks at the contours of your body and maps the perfect massage plan. This makes an individual and tailored massage experience for every user.

usj 9000 relax 2 zero massage lounger

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Heat Therapy for That Deeper More Relaxing Massage

The chair has a built-in therapeutic heat function. Heat is very effective at working deeper in to muscles and soft tissues. This offers a supreme therapeutic massage on your back while in the chair.

It’s also great if you suffer from chronic pain and constantly have sore muscles from working out. Heat is an absolute must, and this chair provides is all across the back.

40 Airbags That Cover Every Inch of Your Body

With a massive 40 air bags, every inch of your body is supported and massaged while using the Relax chair. Air bags loosen tension stored in muscles, improves blood circulation, and relieves fatigue. It’s incredibly relaxing!

The air bags inflate and deflate to provide support all over the body. Stretching muscles and giving a squeeze that resembles Swedish massage techniques you’d feel at the hands of a professional therapist.

That True Zero Gravity Experience for Weightlessness Joy

The best feature of high-end massage chairs is the zero gravity setting. The Relax moves to a perfect 30 degree angle to distribute all of your body weight. If you’ve never experienced zero gravity you’re in for an experience.

What Are Zero Gravity Chairs Exactly and What Do They Do?

Zero gravity chairs have a mode that places you in a reclined position making you feel weightless. The feeling this gives is very relaxing and is very effective at relieving stress and other health issues. The position you are reclined to aligns your feet and heart at the same level.

This takes a lot of the pressure off your body and organs. As well as reducing pressure on your spine and stress from muscles. It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and aids your body to function optimally. Gravity is always putting pressure on our bodies, removing this is a wonderful feeling and zero gravity chairs are always increasing in popularity.

Zero gravity chairs are not cheap. But the health benefits and level of relaxation they offer is very real. You can treat a number of health conditions. Lessen the amount of pain you’re in, and give yourself incredibly relaxing massages in the comfort of your home. Budget allowing, zero gravity chairs are luxury items that are worth every penny.

A Look at the Four Automatic Massage Modes

relax 2 zero usj-9000 review

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Recovery – Post Workout Bliss

This automatic program is designed to help your muscles recovery quicker from working out. You know that muscle soreness that feels like an aching, heavy feeling? Well you can either take an ice cold bath, or sit in this chair to help your muscles recover quicker.

The chair reclines into the zero gravity position and a number of massage techniques start working on you. The air bags work on your calves, thighs and hips for a lower body massage. While the zero gravity gives you that weightless feeling and takes all the stress off your muscles.

Refresh – Stimulate Circulation and Warm Up

A refreshing program as the name suggests. The techniques are designed to stimulate circulation and warm up your muscles with a series of different massage motions. Air bags tilt your hips, while your back is treated to a range of pummeling and rolling massage techniques.

Stimulating muscles and increasing blood flow helps muscles and soft tissues to recover from injuries. By stimulating your body’s natural healing process and increasing your immune system. This is great after a long day at work, there aren’t many things to match how rejuvenating it is.

Relax – Gently Unwind and De-stress

How does sitting back and letting the chair perform a series of light massage techniques sound? It’s the perfect way to de-stress and unwind after a long day. Or just a way to feel more relaxed and enjoy the massage.

Your hips are tilted from side to side. There are a series of rapid pounding and squeezing techniques all over your back, and you are reclined for maximum comfort.

Extend – Stretch and Increase Flexibilty

This is an interesting program. The chair performs stretching techniques on your lower back to loosen the muscles and release tension in your back. This increases flexibility, reduces pain from poor posture, and will help resolve issues like knots and pains.

You are placed in an inverted position with the air bags holding your upper body in place. Your legs are gently lowered and this stretches your lower back by extended your body. It’s less expensive than a visit to a chiropractor, and just one of the many outstanding features of the Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair.

Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair Legs and Back Massage

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Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair Measurements

While in Resting Position

Length – 59″

Width – 35″

Height – 46″

Weight – 229 lbs

While Fully Reclined

Length – 74″

Width – 35″

Height – 36″

Recommended weight capacity – 265 lbs

Listen to Music for an Added Relaxation Dimension

The chair also has a couple of speakers in the head rest, one on either side. The connection between relaxing music and relieving stress are well known.

There is a USB port on the back of the chair so you can plug any USB device in to play your favorite tunes. The options are endless, you can set a calming atmosphere, and while in zero gravity you’re going to feel like you’re floating through space.

Delivery and Setting up your Chair

Being such a high-ticket item, incredibly heavy, and requires some setting up, you’re right to think about how it’s delivered and set up. The good news is, the chair is delivered and placed wherever you specify, and it’s set up for you by the delivery men.

Make sure you set the chair exactly where you want it. It weighs around 230 lbs and doesn’t have any wheels. It’s incredibly difficult to move, so put it where it’s going to stay for the foreseeable future.

In Summary

The Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair is a beautiful looking chair. It turns heads and gets guests talking, that’s for sure. Everyone is going to want to try it through, and when they do it’s hard to get people out!

The chair is available in mat black or brown. It’s easy to clean with upholstery wipes and carries its shine. You have to measure up very carefully before buying one, it’s a huge chair and needs space to recline.

With all the different modes I’ve taken you though above, it feels like every possible massage scenario has been accounted for. Whatever the reason you’re buying this chair. Chronic pain, relaxation, specific areas that need massaging, post-workout relaxation – this chair has it covered, and will provide the perfect massage.

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