Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments to Manager

Performance Appraisal Employee Final Comments to Manager: 25 Examples

Performance appraisals provide an opportunity for employees to not only receive feedback from their managers, but also express their own thoughts and perspectives.

This dialogue is crucial for fostering an understanding between both parties and promoting a productive work environment.

Crafting thoughtful final comments for your manager is a key aspect of this process, giving you the chance to voice your thoughts, ask questions, and suggest improvements.

Here’s some inspiration for crafting your own comments.

25 Employee Performance Appraisal Final Comments to Manager

  • I appreciate the constructive feedback provided during the appraisal. Your insight will be immensely helpful, and I am committed to implementing the suggested improvements for enhanced performance.
  • Your unwavering guidance and support have significantly contributed to my professional growth this year. I am thankful for your mentorship.
  • To promote more ongoing communication and performance enhancement, could we consider more frequent feedback sessions? I believe this would help me adjust my approach and improve my work in real-time.
  • I am enthusiastic about the opportunities for professional development that we discussed during the appraisal. I look forward to further discussions and actualizing these opportunities.
  • I would greatly appreciate additional clarity on the expectations regarding [specific project/task]. I believe that clear guidelines would enable me to meet and exceed expectations.
  • I am grateful for your recognition of my efforts on [specific project/task]. Such acknowledgment fuels my motivation and inspires me to strive for higher performance levels.
  • I am interested in expanding my skillset in [specific area]. Could we explore potential training or upskilling opportunities to help me perform better in this area?
  • Clearer communication within our team could significantly enhance our productivity. I believe we could benefit from regular team meetings and more open channels of communication.
  • Your willingness to listen to my perspective is greatly appreciated. I value such open dialogues and believe they can help foster a better understanding and working relationship between us.
  • I am keen on exploring potential opportunities for role advancement in the future. I look forward to discussing this possibility and understanding what steps I need to take to prepare for such opportunities.
  • Your constructive criticism has been a key factor in my personal and professional development. It has helped me identify areas of improvement and work on them effectively.

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  • The flexible and supportive work environment that you’ve cultivated greatly enhances my work experience. I am excited to continue contributing to the team in this positive atmosphere.
  • I feel that my skills in [specific area/project] could be better utilized. I believe that with the opportunity to work more in this area, I could contribute significantly to our team’s goals.
  • I would like to discuss strategies for achieving better work-life balance. I believe this balance is crucial for maintaining high productivity and overall job satisfaction.
  • Your efforts in cultivating a positive and supportive work culture in our team are highly appreciated. It creates a conducive environment for creativity and productivity.
  • I acknowledge the areas of improvement that we discussed during the appraisal. I am committed to addressing these areas and am eager to show progress in our next review.
  • I am interested in exploring strategies to manage my workload more effectively. I believe this will enhance my productivity and prevent burnout.
  • Your leadership style is inspiring and creates an environment conducive to growth and high performance. I am grateful for your guidance and look forward to learning more from you.
  • I appreciate your acknowledgment of my strengths during the appraisal. Your recognition motivates me to maintain this level of performance and even surpass it.
  • I am keen on contributing to [specific project/department]. I believe that my skills and experience could add value and I would like to discuss this possibility.
  • Your feedback has provided a clear path for my professional development plan. I am eager to apply the insights gained during the appraisal to enhance my performance.
  • Your support and mentorship throughout this period have been invaluable. I am grateful for your guidance and encouragement.
  • I believe that having a clear understanding of my career progression within the company would enable me to focus my efforts more effectively. I look forward to discussing this further.
  • I believe that additional resources or support in [specific area] would significantly enhance my performance. I am keen to discuss possible solutions and improvements.
  • I am thankful for your insightful feedback and guidance during the appraisal. Your perspectives have given me a clear direction, and I am enthusiastic about achieving the set goals for the next period.

Tips for Writing Self-Appraisal Comments

Be honest, but tactful: Express your thoughts and opinions openly, but always maintain a level of professionalism and respect.

Be specific: Use specific examples to support your statements. This adds credibility to your comments.

Show willingness to improve: Recognize areas of improvement and show a proactive attitude towards bettering your performance.

Provide solutions, not just problems: If you’re pointing out an issue, try to suggest a possible solution as well.

Stay constructive: The goal of your comments should be to improve the work environment and your professional growth, not to criticize or complain.


Writing final performance appraisal comments to your manager is a key part of the review process.

It not only gives you the chance to express your views and concerns but also helps your manager understand your perspective.

This dialogue can foster better communication, clarify expectations, and contribute to a more productive work environment.

It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your proactive approach to professional growth and to suggest improvements, making it an essential aspect of your career development.

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