Kumbalanga juice health benefits

Kumbalanga Juice Health Benefits

Kumbalanga juice health benefits are well known across parts of the world like India and Asia where the fruit is harvested and commonly eaten. Across the US however, it’s a different story.

How familiar are you with kumbalanga? I wasn’t at all familiar with it until I travelled across India last year and tried it in a range of different foods and drinks. I absolutely loved the juice of this fruit, and it lead me to do some investigating into exactly what health benefits this drink offers.

What Is Kumbalanga?

Kumbalanga Ash Gourd Winter Melon

This is where there is often some confusion. Basically, kumbalanga is the Malayalam word for what we know as an ash gourd, and is also referred to as winter melon sometimes. Ash gourd is a delicious fruit that’s high in vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium, and has a number of positive health benefits.

In traditional Indian medicine known as Ayurveda ash gourd’s health benefits are well-known. It’s been written about in ancient writings and is mentioned in the Charaka Samhita. So with such a decorated and lengthy history, maybe it’s time you tried this fruit for yourself!

This fruit is commonly used in a wide range of Indian dishes. Such as curries, desserts, and drinks. Check out these known health benefits of kumbalanga/ash gourd. Consuming this fruit in a juice is a nice, smooth way to

Kumbalanga Juice Health Benefits

Effective as Part of a Diet Plan

If you want to lose weight naturally and safely your diet plan needs to involve healthy fruits. Ash gourd is 96% water and packed with vitamins and nutrients. You can maintain a healthy balance of fluid and nutrition and it’s filling eating this fruit.

Packed with Vitamins B and C

Vitamins B and C have a wide range of positive health benefits. Such as helping you to maintain healthy hair and skin, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens your immune system, and promotes all-around good health.

Sedative Effect

The fruit has natural sedative effects which helps to calm nerves. It’s a relaxing drink, and best enjoyed on a warm day while relaxing and unwinding. It’s a great stress-buster, and has positive health benefits too.

Refreshing and Hydrating

It’s a great fruit to keep hydrated and feel rejuvenated. Being 96% water it’s incredibly hydrating and makes for a great summer drink.

How to Make Kumbalanga Juice

It’s really simple to make an ash gourd juice drink. Simply cut the fruit into pieces and blend the desired amount in a blender until smooth. Strain out any bits or chunks and add a little salt and pepper to taste, and a touch of lemon juice.

You can experiment with the seasoning as you prefer. This juice is made up primarily of kumbalanga and it’s a sweet and flavoursome fruit. Some people don’t add anything else other than the juice for a pure taste.

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