Kansa Wand Review before and after pictures

Kansa Wand Review: Benefits, Uses, Before and After Pics

Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. If you’ve ever had an Ayurvedic treatment or massage you can testify how powerful this healing system is.

One of the tools used to promote wellness and balance the doshas is a kansa wand. This tool is a simple metal ball shaped tool with a handle, but it holds some special properties.

When massaged on your face it helps heal and balance your energy, while leaving your skin looking and feeling a lot better. It calms your nervous system, relieves stress, relaxes your mind, and much more.

A kansa wand treatment might be exactly what you’re needing right now. Plus, they are affordable and can be used at home, so read on, and why not pick one up and see this wands wonderful effects for yourself!


What Is a Kansa Wand?

A kansa wand is a tool made from metals, mainly tin and copper. In the Western world, we call this bronze.

It’s a metal that is highly regarded and used to make sacred statues and healing tools in the East. It’s this metal that is mainly responsible for the healing powers of the wand.

Kansa wands are used in Ayurvedic healing techniques to help restore a youthful complexion, reduce inflammation, congestion, and help ease headaches and other aches and pains.

The wand is applied to the skin after some oils have been gently massaged in. It feels cool and as it’s massaged around the face the wand warms up to body temperature and can barely be felt.

A skilled Ayurvedic practitioner will know how to stimulate the meridians and helps the flow of the chakra grid. Helping your body to heal, relieving tension and pains, and improving the look and feel of your skin.

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How to Use a Kansa Wand

It’s very easy to use a kansa wand. The handle has curves that allow for several different types of grip, and when the skin is oiled it flows freelt across the skin.

Here are some key points when giving a face massage:

Start with clean skin and apply some organic or essential oil.

Start rubbing the kansa wand gently around in circular motions to get it warmed up, most people say it feels just like a warm hand. Start in the middle of the forehead as this is a key energy center.

Work back and forth to release tension in the forehead. Start to pay attention to the eyebrows, and work around the temples.

You may notice the skin starting to have a rosy complexion. This is a sign that the circulation in the skin is improving, one of the positive effects of using a kansa wand.

Working around the cheek bones and sinuses will help to clear out sinus congestion and allergies. And, focusing around the ears helps to relieve a lot of tension across the side of the head.

The chin relates to the heart, so massaging the chin helps to increase blood circulation around the body.

Does Kansa Wands Work?

Absolutely ts does. This isn’t some new fad, ‘Kansa’ metal was discovered thousands of years ago and was used in various tools and recognized for its healing properties.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest medical practices in the world. It focuses on the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit, and promotes good health.

A kansa wand is believed to help balance the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The wands are used on the face, as well as other areas of the body like the feet.

The treatment is incredibly relaxing. Patients feel energized, balanced, and the skin that’s treated on the face looks and feels more supple and younger.

Kansa Healing Wand Video Demonstration and Explanation

This video shows you a kansa wand treatment. Oils are applied and massaged into the face, followed by using a kansa wand to treat the skin and release tension in the client’s face and head.

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Kansa Wand Before and After

Kansa Wand Before and After Picture

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  1. Recently came across the wand being advertised on Facebook.
    I am interested in trying it out. Just ordered one.
    I am a big believer in Ayurvedic medicine. So I believe that massaging the face with the wand can release tension and stress everywhere in the body.
    The lady’s face looks completely different after massage. Love it.
    Never believed much in face creams to help with wrinkles and stuff. Here is the living proof, the wand is the miracle worker.


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