How to Ask Your Brother to Be Your Best Man (1)

Here’s How to Ask Your Brother to Be Your Best Man (w/ Examples)

Choosing your best man is a significant decision in the journey to your wedding day, and when your brother is the perfect candidate, the moment becomes even more special.

“How to Ask Your Brother to Be Your Best Man” is not just about popping the question, but about creating a memorable moment that strengthens your bond.

How to Ask Your Brother to Be Your Best Man: 20 Examples

  • Customized Gift Box: Fill a box with his favorite things and include a note saying, “Will you be my best man?”
  • Engraved Watch: Gift him a watch with a personalized message on the back asking him to be your best man.
  • Memory Lane: Create a photo album of your brotherly moments together and on the last page, ask him to stand by you as your best man.
  • Sports Game: Get tickets to his favorite sports game and ask him during the halftime show.
  • Fishing Trip: Plan a day out fishing and reel in a bottle with the question inside.
  • Video Message: Create a heartfelt video expressing why he’s your choice and end it with the big question.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Invite him to dinner at his favorite restaurant and have the staff bring out a dessert with the question written in icing.
  • Hiking Adventure: Ask him at the peak of a hike with a breathtaking view as your backdrop.
  • Brewery Tour: Enjoy a tour at a local brewery and ask him with a custom beer label.
  • Golf Day: Spend a day on the golf course and ask him at the 18th hole.
  • Sibling Night: Host a movie or game night themed around brotherhood and pop the question.
  • Puzzle It Out: Give him a puzzle that spells out the question when completed.
  • Skywriting: For a grand gesture, have it written in the sky during a day out.
  • Custom T-Shirt: Gift him a t-shirt that says, “Brother and Best Man?”
  • Treasure Hunt: Set up a treasure hunt that leads him to the question.
  • Concert Tickets: Get tickets to his favorite band and ask him with a custom concert ticket.
  • Custom Comic Strip: Create a comic strip of your adventures together, ending with the best man question.
  • Road Trip: Plan a road trip and ask him at a memorable spot along the way.
  • Voice Recording: Record a message explaining why he’s your top choice, ending with the question.
  • Star Gazing: Plan a night of star gazing and ask him under the night sky.

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Asking your brother to be your best man is a gesture that underscores the irreplaceable bond you share. It’s a way to honor your past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future together.

What to Say When Asking Your Brother to Be Your Best Man: 10 Examples

Here are 10 heartfelt and creative examples of what you could say and how to present your request to your brother to be your best man:

  • “Hey, I’ve got a big favor to ask. How would you feel about being my best man? I can’t think of anyone better for the role.”
  • “You know, with the wedding coming up, I really want you by my side as my best man. What do you say?”
  • “I’ve been thinking a lot about who should be my best man, and honestly, it’s always been you in my mind. Wanna do it?”
  • “So, big question for you. Would you be up for being my best man? It’d mean a lot to me.”
  • “I need my best guy by my side on my big day. How about being my best man?”
  • “I can’t imagine anyone else being my best man but you. Are you in?”
  • “It wouldn’t feel right if anyone else was my best man. Think you could take on the role?”
  • “I need a best man for the wedding, and I was hoping it could be you. What do you think?”
  • “Being my best man would make the day even more special. You up for it?”
  • “Who else would I ask to be my best man but my brother? Hope you’re on board.”

These examples keep the conversation casual and straightforward, perfect for a heartfelt brother-to-brother talk.

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