How Long Does It Take for Cupping Marks to Go Away

How Long Does It Take for Cupping Marks to Go Away?

There are a lot of benefits to cupping therapy. I explained the benefits here, and the side effects of cupping therapy here.

One of the most common questions people have about cupping is, ‘How long does it take for cupping marks to go away?

Not only are the marks a bit unsightly and cause a lot of attention from others, but they are a little tender for some, or even painful in some instances.

So, if there are any ways to speed up how quickly they clear up it’s a good idea to do it. The good news is that there are a few things you can do as I will explain.

How Long Does It Take for Cupping Marks to Go Away?

It’s hard to give you an answer to this question as everyone’s bodies react differently to the marks.

I’ve known people to say they were completely gone within a few days, and I’ve also heard people say they took several weeks.

A lot of it depends on the color of the marks. The darker red they are the more stagnant blood the cups have pulled to the surface.

The good news is you’re getting more benefit from the treatment, but it’s also a sign that you had a lot of stagnant blood, and potentially a buildup of toxins.

After Care Treatment to Speed up Cupping Marks Healing

There are some things you can do to speed up how quickly cupping marks disappear. Here are some tips:

Drink plenty of water – Keeping hydrated is always important after all forms of massage therapy and applies to cupping therapy.

Your body will be flushing toxins, and fresh water can help this process. Keeping hydrated also reduces the chance of headaches and swelling.

Keep the cupped area covered – The red circles left by the cupping are going to be tender to touch. Keep them covered up, but not with tight clothing.

Wear something loose-fitting to block any cold breezes and sunlight, be careful showering, and try not to rub the area to help heal the cupping marks quicker.

Don’t drink alcohol – As you’re in the process of flushing toxins it’s a good idea not to put toxins into your system until you’re healed. Alcohol is the main vice for most people, stay off the drink for a few days.

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