Gym Locker Room Etiquette

Gym Locker Room Etiquette Explained!

Of all the shared spaces, a gym locker room is where you should pay attention to the rules and display good etiquette.

Having a bad experience in a gym locker room sucks. From seeing trash left behind, to seeing more than you want from another person or being irritated by someone.

Here is a list of the most important gym locker room etiquette rules to abide by to make sure you – and those around you – are as comfortable as possible:


Gym Locker Room Etiquette

1. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

If you’re not using the locker room to shower, change or use the toilet, then it’s time to leave.

Gym-goers who loiter in the locker room and take up space are breaking etiquette rules.

Nobody wants to be rushed while they’re getting ready, but nobody wants to wait around for you to finish either.

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2. Don’t Use This as A Time to Socialize

On the heels of overstaying your welcome, the locker room is not the place to make friends (sorry).

If you see somebody you know, it’s perfectly fine to say hello and ask how their workout was.

But keep the conversations short so that others can have their turn.

It’s also important to remember that not everyone wants to talk.

Some people just want to get in and out as quickly as possible, and that’s perfectly OK too.

3. Don’t Stare if Someone Catches Your Eye

It happens to the best of us.

You’re minding your own business, then you catch a glimpse of a body part or something you didn’t expect out of the corner of your eye.

Nudity is a topic that always comes up when it comes to locker rooms, some people are OK with it, and some are not.

As a general rule, you should just never stare or look too hard, just mind your own business and do what you’re there to do.

4. Turn Your Phone Off and Don’t Use It

Phones and locker rooms just don’t mix well.

No one wants to hear your phone ringing from inside your locker when you’re not there, nor do they want to put up with hearing you talking on it.

It’s good etiquette to turn your phone off when you enter the locker room and only turn it back on when you leave.

5. Wear Flip Flops or Shower Shoes

This one is for your own benefit.

Walking around a locker room barefoot is just asking for athlete’s foot or some other kind of infection.

Not to mention, it’s just gross – you never know what you’ll step in!

Make sure you bring a pair of flip-flops or shower shoes to protect your feet.

Bonus points if you wear them in the shower too!

6. Dry Off from Your Shower Before Walking to Your Locker

Wet floors are slippery, and slippery floors present a major hazard in a locker room.

Dry off as much as you can before leaving the shower area so that you’re not dripping wet when you get to your locker.

It’s embarrassing enough if you fall, not to mention you might seriously injure yourself – and you’ll feel even worse if someone else slips because of you.

7. Don’t Expose Yourself Unnecessarily

This one should be pretty self-explanatory, but unfortunately, it’s something that needs to be said.

Nobody wants to see your goods when they’re just trying to get changed in peace.

Keep yourself covered up as much as possible, and if you do need to change in front of someone, do it as quickly as possible.

Some people are OK with nudity, but some aren’t. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and be respectful.

8. Go Easy on The Powders and Sprays

Locker rooms can be pretty small, and the last thing anyone wants is to get a face full of your powder or spray.

Be considerate and use them sparingly, or better yet – use them after you’ve left so that you don’t disturb those around you.

The same goes for perfumes and colognes. I’m sure they smell great and you want to too, but not everyone wants to smell like you do!

9. Leave the Locker Room as Clean as You Found It

This one should go without saying, but unfortunately, it’s often ignored.

Nobody wants to use a dirty locker room, so do your part and clean up after yourself.

Make sure your locker is empty when you’re done, throw away any trash, and don’t leave a puddle of water where you dried off.

We all have to share the space, so let’s all do our part to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone.

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10. Be Nice to Everyone and Respect Personal Boundaries

This unspoken rule will take you a long way in life, not just help you make friends and follow good locker room etiquette at the gym.

Be nice to everyone, and don’t invade anyone’s personal space.

Respect people’s belongings and their privacy, and in turn, they’ll do the same for you.

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