Goodbye Message When Leaving a Country

Goodbye Message When Leaving a Country (25 Examples To Use!)

Saying goodbye is never easy, it’s even more difficult when you’re leaving a country.

If you’re stuck for words, I don’t blame you!

Here are examples of goodbye messages when leaving a country you can use to let friends and family know you love them and will miss them:

25 Goodbye Message When Leaving a Country

  1. “It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m so sad to be going. I’ll miss all of you, but I know our paths will cross again!”
  2. “I’m so grateful for the memories we’ve made. Don’t forget me, my friends! Goodbye for now.”
  3. “Saying goodbye is never easy, but it’s a necessary part of life. I’ll miss this beautiful country and all the amazing people I’ve met here.”
  4. “My heart aches while I say goodbye, but I’m looking forward to new adventures ahead. Farewell, dear friends!”
  5. “Leaving this place is bittersweet. But I’m thankful for these memories that will stay with me forever.”
  6. “The time has come to leave this place and move on to a new chapter in my life. Goodbye, my lovely country!”
  7. “This was never meant to be forever, but it sure felt like it! Goodbye for now and thank you for everything.”
  8. “It’s been such an amazing experience living here. I’ve met so many awesome people who I’ll be keeping in touch with. Goodbye for now, until we meet again!”
  9. “As much as it pains me to leave, I’m looking forward to the future and all it has in store. Goodbye until we meet again.”
  10. “Goodbye, sweet country! I’ll miss you and all of its wonderful people.”
  11. “So long, farewell! It’s been an incredible journey living here. Until next time!”
  12. “Farewell to the place that made me who I am today. I’ll never forget this experience.”
  13. “It’s time for a new chapter and I’m excited for what lies ahead. Goodbye until we meet again!”
  14. “This goodbye doesn’t mean forever; it just means another hello is coming soon.”
  15. “My heart aches while saying goodbye, but my spirit will never forget this amazing country.”
  16. “Leaving this place is hard, but I know I’ll find my way back one day. Until then, goodbye!”
  17. “Farewell to the land I’ve called home for so long. Goodbye until we meet again.”
  18. “Goodbye doesn’t mean forever; it just means I’ll see you soon! Until then, farewell friends.”
  19. “Time to start a new journey in life – goodbye and thank you for all the amazing memories.”
  20. “You can take me away from this place but you can never take away the wonderful memories and friendships made here. Goodbye!”
  21. “My heart is heavy but I’m excited for what’s ahead venturing into a new country, I’ll keep you all posted! Goodbye until we meet again.”
  22. “As much as I want to stay, it’s time to say goodbye and move on. Farewell my friends, let’s keep in touch and hold on to the thought that we’ll cross paths again in the future.”
  23. “Farewell to the beautiful country and the even more beautiful people I’ve come to love. Until we meet again!”
  24. “It’s time for me to open up a new chapter in my life. I’m excited to move and for all the new experiences that lay ahead, but I can’t lie – I’m going to miss you guys! Take care.”
  25. “I didn’t think I’d be writing a farewell message, but here I am. I’m leaving for a new chapter and some new adventures soon, so take care when I’m gone and I look forward to seeing you as a visitor in the future.”

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Goodbye is not always easy, but it’s a part of life that must be embraced.

No matter where you’re going or what you plan on doing, keep your head up and remember all of the amazing experiences and friends you’ve made in your current or previous location.

No matter how much you’ll miss the people or the place, it’s about you and having new and exciting experiences yourself.

Say your goodbyes, tell them you’ll keep in touch, wish them well, and look forward to having the best possible future yourself!

Image credits – Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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