Can I Take a Bath After Ventosa

Can I Take a Bath After Ventosa? Cupping Aftercare Do’s and Don’ts

Ventosa therapy is also known as cupping or Hijama therapy. If you’re interested in this form of therapy or had a treatment and want to know if you can take a bath after ventosa? Read on and I’ll explain.

What Is Ventosa Therapy? (aka Cupping/Hijama Therapy)

Ventosa massage therapy a form of Chinese alternative medicine that uses cups with a flammable substance to cause a vacuum inside the cup.

This causes the blood vessels under the skin to expand and rise, increasing blood flow. It’s used to treat pain, skin conditions, sporting injuries, and a whole host of other health issues.

By stimulating the body to increase blood flow and release more toxins, there are some general wellness benefits as well as being able to treat specific conditions.

This is why the benefits of ventosa are utilized by a wide range of people. Several high-profile athletes have had cupping therapy to give them that added performance edge.

Likewise, people living with chronic pain have weekly sessions as a natural way to reduce the amount of pain they are in.

Can I Take a Bath After Ventosa?

As part of ventosa aftercare, it’s recommended that you don’t have a bath or take a shower within at least 6 hours of receiving treatment.

This is because the area of skin that was cupped will have open pores for hours after the treatment.

Bathing or exposing the skin to direct light or touching it can allow pathogens in and potentially open you to risk of infection.

Not to mention that it’s also going to be very tender to touch. Those with sensitive skin may even find it a little painful, so resting and not touching the area is the best advice.

To clean the area just give it a wipe with a soft sponge. Take a look the next day and see how much the swelling has gone down.

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