Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe: Safety Guidelines and Cautions

I’ve had a Himalayan Salt Lamp for a few years now. It often piques curiosity from friends, and they often ask, ‘are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

I leave mine on 24/7 and I’ve never considered there to be any risks at all.

There are two ways of looking at this question however….

Are Himalayan Salt lamps safe to be left on around the clock without a fire risk?


Are the effects of the warm salt safe in regards to your health?

Here is my take on these two questions, as well as any evidence I could find from other owners or scientific research to back up any claims.


What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

what is a himalayan salt lamp

Firstly, let’s take a look at what Himalayan salts lamps are and the benefits associated with having one around the home.

These pink salt rock lamps are basically large chunks of Himalayan salt, just as the name suggests.

They are rough cuts of rock but have some sculpting to get them to a manageable size and are hollowed out inside with a bulb fitted.

They are available in different colors, but the orange color is by far the most popular. They have a wonderful warm glow and the dim light sets a nice ambient mood, in fact, the glow is a reason alone for a lot of people owning one.

Now, there isn’t a lot of reliable scientific evidence to back up the health benefit claims as far as I’m concerned.

The proof is largely in the pudding so to speak. The best way to make your mind up is to own one and make your own mind up. That said, here are the main benefits associated with owning a salt lamp.

Salt Lamps Can Improve Air Quality

This is always the main selling point. Salt lamps are naturally hygroscopic, and as a result they attract airborne particles and moisture from the air.

Salt Lamps Can Reduce Allergies

With improved air quality, you will likely be less aggravated by airborne particles that aggravate allergies. As a sinusitis sufferer, I’ve noticed positive effects from my salt lamp.

Salt Lamps Reduce Static Electricity

If you keep getting a static shock from door handles or other objects in your home a lamp can help reduce the shocks.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Recalls and Fire Risks

I’ve never considered my lamp to pose any more of a fire risk than any other type of lamp.

I keep it on a hard coaster in a corner of my bedroom that’s well ventilated. This is good for the lamp as they can sweat if not near ventilation, and the coaster provides a surface that will not catch fire easily.

The bulbs typically used in salt lamps, and certainly, the ones in mine are not powerful at all. In fact, they are the same type you find in ovens, the little 15w screw bulbs.

There is always the risk of faulty electronics or a malfunction as with any electrical product.

A couple of years ago a certain brand of salt lamp had to do a massive recall venture as there was a potential fire risk with their lamps. Luckily this was identified and limited to a certain group of batch numbers.

This is a potential risk with any electronic product and I wouldn’t associate it with salt lamps being a risk.

Are Salt Lamps Good for Your Health?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, there isn’t a lot of actual scientific evidence to point to when backing up the positive health benefits.

Salt lamps aren’t the only alternative health items not to be backed up with evidence however, and this doesn’t mean the claims aren’t true.

I can tell you personally that the air in my home feels cleaner. The allergies that aggravate my sinusitis have reduced, and I’m sleeping a lot better for it.

When I’m away for a couple of weeks or more and my lamp hasn’t been on I can feel, or ‘sense’ the difference.

I’m a believer, and there are a lot of other owners who will swear the same.

With so many benefits, from purifying air, reducing allergies, as well as being a cool lamp there are more than enough reasons to find out for yourself.

Are Salt Lamps Safe to Leave On?

Salt lamps are safe to leave on, yes. Sure, as I’ve explained in this article there is a small risk if you have a faulty unit.

But, you get more of the benefits from a Himalayan lamp when it’s left on 24/7. As long as you’ve checked your lamp is working fine and doesn’t have any loose wires, put it somewhere safe and leave it on round the clock.

Salt Lamp Bulb Keeps Blowing

Salt Lamps Replacement BulbsThis is a problem I’ve read about but I’ve never even had to change the bulb once in my lamp.

I’m not an electrician, neither do I know much about electrics. But if the bulb in your lamp keeps blowing I’d consult the advice of an electrician. Or, talk to whichever company you bought the lamp from as it’s not supposed to happen.

You can pick up a pack of high-quality salt lamp replacement bulbs from So Well by clicking here.

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