Health Benefits Of Baby Massage

Health Benefits Of Baby Massage

Massage techniques applied to the babies have to be done carefully and gently, but there is no doubt that baby massage techniques are extremely useful and carry a lot of health benefits.

If a baby is ill nourished or less plump than they ought to be in spite of most careful dieting and attention, a little gentle massage with olive oil is an excellent thing. The pores of the skin absorb a good deal of the oil, while the movements of the hand over the muscles and skin improve the tone, elasticity, and vitality.

You should always keep in mind that anything in the way of severe friction or heavy manipulation will do more harm than good. Lightness with only a little firmness, and a delicate touch with the right amount of force can be developed through practice.

After the Bath

The best time to massage a baby is after a bath. This is when they have been dried off and are kicking and stretching on the knee of his mother or nurse. Lay them on their front and massage down the spine and all over their back.

The fingers should be held closely but don’t be too rigid. Move your hand in and towards an upward direction Keeping the fingers in contact with the skin all the time, thus increasing the blood circulation to the muscles.

Massage the whole torso area, then each limb, gently and lightly using circular movements with the thumb and applying firm and even pressure as feel right. Always massage up the limbs and then draw the hand lightly downward and repeat the movements.

Use a little olive oil or baby-approved massage oil. Their lubricating powers and nourishing properties make a huge difference when it is absorbed through the pores of the skin. In convalescing from childish ailments this treatment has an extremely beneficial effect.

Massage can also be used for older children who have any stiffness in their joints after slight injury too. You should always consult a doctor before treating injuries however, because there are certain times when massage will do good and certain occasions during the acute stage when it is by no means the right treatment to use.

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