ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser Review

ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser Review

The ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser has made portable diffusing convenient and easy. Most diffusers require plugging in to the mains, so taking them wherever you go isn’t always an option.

The ECVISION uses a built-in rechargeable battery. It charges every time you plug it into a mains supply, and has a 4 hour life when not plugged in so you can move it around the home or take it with you where you’re going with ease.

The benefit of this around the home is not having a cable trailing from the unit. So pets, kids, or anyone clumsy are not going to trip over the wire and pull the diffuser over.

It’s pretty cool to be able to take this camping or in a mobile home. It disperses negative ions and diffuses essential oils using ultrasound technology so it does an awesome job of diffusing oils. You can relax, loosen up muscle tension, relieve headaches and more.

It uses a cold mist process. Warming oils are known to break them up and degrade the quality a little. So not only will your oils go further, you will receive more of the therapeutic benefit. It’s a win-win.

ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser USB Charger

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ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Specifications of the ECVISION Cordless Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Here is a look at some of the specifications of this diffuser that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Battery powered cordless design
  • 3 different settings; 2 hour misting timer, 1 hour misting timer, and a continuous setting till it runs out of water
  • Advanced ultrasonic technology for a therapeutic cold misting
  • Purifies and deodorises the air
  • Portable, lightweight and small, a perfect travelling companion

What Is the Capacity?

It has a 100ml size bin so it’s an average size diffuser. It’s similar to all the other 100ml models, you can expect around 4 hours of use before it’s empty. When you are using it off battery power I recommend switching off the lights to save a little extra power.

Safety Features

This diffuser has the usual safety cut-off feature so you can let it run until empty and it will shut off. It also has the added safety feature of being cordless. This means a safer experience for me because I don’t like having cords attached to electronic units containing water. I’m sure there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong, but it’s a nice piece of mind that it’s not connected to the mains.

ECVISION Cordless Diffuser Instructions

The unit comes with an instruction manual, but it’s easy to use so don’t be worried if you’ve never used a diffuser before. The top comes off to give you access to the bin inside. You fill it with water to the max line as indicated, close it up and switch it on.

You can either have the unit plugged into the wall to be on charge, or you have use it cordless. It’s worth noting that when you first receive the diffuser you should give the battery a complete charge before using it. Then run it down to empty and charge it again. This will put the battery through a full range of motion as recommended by the manufacturers.

This device uses a Li-battery. You get more life from these batteries by using them from empty to full and not keeping them on continuous charge all the time. If you look after the device, it will look after you. I’ve read comments from people how have owned this model for months and not experienced any battery power loss.

ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil On Off settings

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This was the first cordless model of diffuser I came across and I love it. Being portable is important to me as I travel a lot. I appreciate not everyone will require a cordless diffuser. It’s still helpful to have around the home as you move from room to room though.

It’s a quality product with a durable and practical design. Perfect as a second diffuser to use portably. Or, if you want to be really popular pick one up as a gift for someone!

The ECVISION Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser might just be the best cordless diffuser on the market.


What Size Area Does It Cover?

It’s comparable with other 100ml diffusers. You can expect it to cover around 200 sq ft. It’s best used in one room or other spaces where you take it with you.

Can the Lights Be Turned Off?

Yes, the lights can be turned off if you want to go into ‘night mode’ and not have the lights disturb you. You can rotate through different color lights too. There is red, blue, pink, green, red, yellow and clear.

How Much Noise Does It Make When It’s Operating?

It’s virtually unnoticeable. It runs silently so you can drift off to sleep with it running. The shut-off safety means it will turn off when it’s empty too.

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